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KHM's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Having trouble finding gift ideas for those music lovers in your life? I understand the difficulty and pressure that surrounds choosing perfect gifts for the people that you care most about, but I have created this list to help your holiday season be as stress-free as possible.

A Record Player: this is a fabulous vintage gift for the old soul in your life. A good record player gives you the feel of a live music event. It’s one of the biggest joys to listen to music like this.

Wireless Sound Cancelling Headphones: for a completely immersive listening experience, you need to listen to music with headphones. Tuning out the world to listen to your favorite song can be a therapeutic experience.

Giant Piano Dance Mat: this is a fun choice! This dance mat plays different musical notes when you step on each key - just like a real piano! A great way to learn how to play the piano AND exercise.

Karaoke Machine: this choice is GREAT for game nights with friends, or for just practicing at home. Karaoke machines range in prices, but any machine that you get is sure to provide endless hours of fun for the recipient.

Odd Ball: This musical ball connects to an app on our phones and makes different noises based on how it is bounced or touched. This is a great gift for those that are curious about making music! It is sold online and can be bought across Europe, the UK, and the US through this link (hyperlink: ). This gift is bound to be super exciting (and educational!).

Music Lessons with Kelsey: if you want to give the gift of learning this year, consider putting your loved one who wants to learn how to play the piano and/or sing on my private music lessons waitlist. If you’re interested in learning more about lessons, click this link.

You can find nearly all of these gifts at local stores in Luxembourg, or online. My favorite music stores located in Luxembourg are L’Audiophile, Audio Concept, and Stage Music.

I hope that these gift ideas are helpful and have inspired you while you’re doing your last-minute shopping. Do you have any other great gift ideas? Leave me a comment with your ideas. :) Happy Holidays!

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