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Frequently Asked Questions

What language(s) are lessons taught in?

English is my native language and I believe I am most effective as a teacher in this language but I do speak a little French and Luxembourgish and I’m happy to incorporate those languages into our lessons!

What skill levels do you expect your new students to be at?

I teach all skill levels! From beginners to experts, I can meet you where you are at and help you improve from there or give a unique insight into your playing.

Can we sing and play piano in the lesson?

Absolutely! We often sing and play together in our lessons.If you would like singing lessons in addition to piano lessons, be sure to book separate 30-minute lessons for each of them, as we have a lot to learn!

Do I have to buy anything?

Yes. We will make a lot of notes with our pencils, pens, highlighters, and other colors so you want to have your own music books for yourself.

What is a good age to start?

Any age is a good age! Starting at age 3 is ideal, but you’re never too old to learn! Just remember that when the kiddos are that little it is imperative the parents attend and take notes for every single lesson. It will be worth it when you see their amazing progress and hear their beautiful music.

Do I need a real piano? Where can I get a piano? How much does a piano cost?

It is absolutely best to have a real piano. The feel of a real piano is very important for developing finger strength and listening ability. If you don’t have space for a real piano you can always get a smaller electric piano as long as it has all 88 keys and they are weighted, meaning they have the feel of a real piano. This is important! Pianos are available by many different avenues. Often times people are moving and looking to sell their pianos or piano shops have great deals for owning a piano. My favorite piano shops in Luxembourg are Pianos Kleber, Pianos Kelly, and Stage Music Luxembourg.If you don’t have space… you can get an electric piano—as long as it’s weighted and has all 88 keys! You’ll want it to be as close in feel to a real piano as possible in order to ensure your child develops all the proper skills.

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